Clarifying the Process, Expectations and Costs

Bringing your vision to life: The Process


Here’s how we’ll collaborate to create stunning technical illustrations for your quilt pattern design:

Share Your Design: Provide us with hand-drawn sketches, digital designs, or images of your quilt, along with detailed measurements of the elements you’d like illustrated. Whether it’s a single block or the entire quilt, clear communication between us ensures precise and accurate final illustrations.

Collaboration: We’ll discuss your vision, style preferences, and any specific details you want to emphasize in the illustrations.

Illustration Development: We’ll create the initial illustration, typically focusing on the complete quilt design, and share it with you for feedback and revisions.

Refinement: Based on your input, we’ll refine the illustration and create any additional detail drawings needed for your pattern.

Additional Detail Drawings: Using the full quilt design illustration as our template/model, step by step instructional illustrations will be created using the pieces and parts of the original whole-quilt design.


The cost of technical illustrations varies depending on the complexity and number of drawings required for your specific quilt pattern.

Initial Illustration: As we focus on creating a comprehensive illustration of the entire quilt design first, the initial investment typically starts around $75. This may be adjusted based on the complexity of your design.

Detail Drawings: Subsequent illustrations for specific blocks or elements typically range from $15 to $30 each, depending on complexity.

We understand that investing in professional illustrations is an important decision. We’re committed to transparency and will provide a clear and detailed quote before beginning any work.

Based on your input, we’ll refine the illustrations and create any additional detail drawings needed for your pattern.

Let’s discuss your project and bring your quilt pattern vision to life!

Polishing Your Pattern: The Page Layout Process

Creating a professional and engaging page layout involves blending aesthetics with functionality. We’ll work together to ensure your quilt pattern is not only beautiful but also clear and easy for quilters to follow. Here’s how:

Collaboration is Key:

Vision and Style: We’ll discuss your desired look and feel, incorporating your logo, preferred colors, and fonts to create a unique and consisten brand identity for your patterns.

Content: You’ll provide well-written instructions tailored to your target audience, along with fabric requirements, cutting instructions, and any additional information quilters need to complete the project.

Technical Illustrations: We’ll integrate your technical illustrations seamlessly into the layout, ensuring clarity and visual appeal.

Template Development: We’ll create a reusable template based on your initial design, and saving you time and money on future patterns.

What We Need From You:

Color Palette: Provide specific color names or references (e.g., Pantone colors, fabric swatches) to ensure accurate color representation.

Logo: Share your logo in a high-resolution format for optimal placement on the pattern. If you do not have a logo, or need one created, we can do that for you at an additional cost. Or, we can create a very simple text based logo for free.

Style Inspiration: Examples of patterns you admire can help us understand your vision for the overall look and feel.

Written Content: Submit your step-by-step instructions and fabric requirements in a digital, text-based format for efficient integration into the layout.

Technical Illustrations or Images: Provide the illustrations or images in a suitable format for seamless incorporation into the pattern.


Initial Layout Design: The initial setup, including establishing your design preferences, creating the template, and refining the overall look, typically ranges from $50 to $100.

Pattern Completion: The cost of completing the entire pattern, including layout, formatting, and integration of illustrations and instructions, is generally around $150 to $200.

Combined Investment: For both technical illustrations and page layout services, the total investment for your first pattern would typically range from $200 to $500. As we create a reusable, custom template, subsequent patterns will be more cost-effective. Or, if budget requires, we can use a ready made template for your pattern page layout.

We believe in transparency and will provide a detailed quote based on your specific project requirements. Let’s discuss your vision and bring your quilt pattern to life!

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