From “Aha!” Moment to Action: My Journey to Helping Quilt Pattern Designers

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own quilt patterns but felt overwhelmed by the technical aspects? You’re not alone! Recently, I took a fantastic quilt pattern design course with the amazing Ally Ryde, alongside a group of talented women around my age. We were all excited to learn and share our passion for quilting.

However, when the topic turned to software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I noticed a shift in the room. The excitement dimmed, replaced by a look of apprehension on many faces. It took me back to my early days as an illustrator, way back in 1989, working on a tiny Macintosh at Boeing. Even then, design software was complex and expensive. Fast forward to today, and programs like Illustrator and InDesign have become even more powerful, but also more daunting for beginners.

I could empathize with the women in the class. Learning these programs can feel like scaling a mountain, especially when you’d rather be focusing on the joy of quilt design. That’s when the idea struck me – I could offer my expertise in technical illustration and page layout to help quilt pattern designers bring their visions to life without the tech struggles.

A Helping Hand for Your Quilt Design Journey

Starting a quilt pattern business is an exciting adventure, but I also understand the financial considerations involved. While I’m passionate about offering my professional services, I want to make them accessible to as many designers as possible.

That’s why, in addition to my custom illustration and layout services, I’ll be sharing resources and tips to help you on your quilt pattern design journey. Look out for upcoming blog posts with helpful advice and information about alternative software options, such as Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher, which offer powerful features at a more affordable price, and once purchased you own it for life.

Whether you choose to dive into the world of design software or collaborate with someone like myself, know that your quilt pattern dreams are within reach. Let’s work together to share your creativity with the quilting community!

Feeling inspired? Contact me today to discuss your quilt pattern design project!

Technical Illustrations and Page Layouts for Quilt Pattern Designers