Gosh. I look at your pictures every night before bed, every morning when I rise, and I’m still fighting the belief that you’re gone. It’s difficult to fathom, even though I’m living it. You were so strong. You were so full of drive and life. My babe, my big man, my protector. I still can’t … Read more

My husband is the most handsome man in the world. His beautiful eyes, green slightly hazel, sparkle with mischief. He loved a good laugh, and practical jokes, usually at other peoples expense. And usually only if he liked you. He’s big and bulky and strong. His rough hands provided. He built things, and fixed things, … Read more

BJ Haffly

We woke up like any normal day. Feeding dogs at 5am and gathering together around the coffee pot to start our day. After 30 years of marriage, that coffee time is pretty casual. Him doing his thing, and me doing mine. We paused and talked about the corona virus, how we were going to hunker … Read more